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  Integrity Works/Strategies for becoming a trusted, respected and admired leader
Dana Telford
Book Thumbnail Leadership and the Quest for Integrity
Joseph Badaracco, Richard R. Ellsworth
(240 Pages) Outlines a style of management that reflects the personality, beliefs, visions, ethics, standards, and judgements of the manager and discusses three basic philosophies of management
Book Thumbnail Meeting the ethical challenges of leadership: casting light or shadow
Craig Edward Johnson
(260 Pages) Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership identifies the unique ethical demands of leadership and equips students to meet those challenges. Written in an informal, accessible style, this book takes an interdisciplinary approach to leadership ethics that will appeal to students from a variety of academic backgrounds. Designed as a core textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in leadership and ethics, this student-friendly book looks at the leaders inner life, including character development and values. Respected author and professor, Craig E. Johnson, blends research and theory with practical strategies, skill development, contemporary case studies, and application exercises. The first of its kind, this text provides students with a variety of ethical perspectives and strategies to apply to moral dilemmas and describes tools and techniques for creating positive ethical climates in small group, organizational, and culturally diverse settings.
Book Thumbnail Principle-Centered Leadership
Stephen R. Covey
(334 Pages) The author invites business readers to center their professional lives around principles of excellence and quality and discusses the six conditions of effectiveness and the patterns of organizational excellence