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About StuAct Online

StuAct Online was created and is maintained by the Department of Technology Services - Student Affairs staff at Texas A&M University.

About the System

The StuAct Online system facilitates the organization management, event management, and form handling of the Department of Student Activities. It is constructed entirely with PHP, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. It utilizes a MySQL database for all system information.

This application utilizes various PHP frameworks to accomplish certain tasks, including:

PHP Application Framework
Database Abstraction Layer
PHP Templating Engine
JavaScript Frontend
jQuery UI
Aristo, jQuery UI Theme
JW Player
Frontend Icons
Silk Icons
Fugue Icons
Crystal Clear Icons
Mobile Site
jQuery Mobile


The source code powering StuAct Online and related applications is licensed under the Creative Commons GNU General Public License. A redistributable package of the code framework is available upon request; for contact information, see our department's contact information.