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Books in Category: Leadership Practice

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  Deeper Learning in Leadership
Dennis Roberts
  Driven - How Human Nature Shapes our Choices
Paul & Nitin Lawrence & Nohria
  Global Leadership: Portraits of the Past, Visions for the Future
Harvy, Michael and Barbour, JoAnn Danelo
Book Thumbnail Hesselbein on leadership
Frances Hesselbein
(152 Pages) "Frances Hesselbein could manage any company in America." —Peter F. Drucker, "New York Times" "In this book Frances Hesselbein successfully integrates ...
  How to Run a Successful Meeting in Half the Time
Milo Frank
  Journal of Leadership Studies Vol. 6 Number 1
Book Thumbnail Leadership
James MacGregor Burns
(530 Pages) A systematic study, ranging from the salons of eighteenth-century Paris to the revolutionary cadres of the present century, views leadership as dialectic, ...
  Leadership (Audio)
Rudolph Giuliani
  Leadership at the Crossroads
Nancy S. Huber
Book Thumbnail Leadership in nonprofit organizations
Barry Dym, Harry Hutson
(236 Pages) The book explores contemporary versions of leadership as embedded in American culture.
Book Thumbnail No Substitute for Victory
Theodore Kinni, Donna Kinni
(266 Pages)
  So You Want To Be Presidentï¿1/2 How to get elected on your campus
Butch Oxendine
Book Thumbnail The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
John C. Maxwell
(304 Pages) Some highlights of the revised edition of this New York Times bestseller, which has sold more than a million copies, are: Every chapter has been revised 2 ...
  The 4 Roles of Leadership
Covey, Franklin
Book Thumbnail The Absolutes of Leadership
Philip B. Crosby
(144 Pages)
Book Thumbnail The Art and Discipline of Strategic Leadership
Mike Freedman, Benjamin B. Tregoe
(288 Pages) "This thoughtful, timely book will help you discard outmoded standards and implement a flexible, workable strategy to drive extraordinary business results.