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Book Thumbnail Even more games trainers play: experiential learning exercises
Edward E. Scannell, John W. Newstrom
(336 Pages) The fourth book in the acclaimed Games Trainers Play series includes a fresh collection of motivational activities for every training situation. New icebreakers, brain teasers, problem-solvers, and session closers are included, plus a host of exercises on today's hottest business topics. Each game has been field-tested and can be played in under 30 minutes.
  Experiential Learning Exercises
Process and Facilitation Class Fall 1993
Book Thumbnail Games that boost performance
Steve Sugar, Carol Willett
(356 Pages) Boost individual and team performance with this indispensable collection of newly designed and field-tested games.
  Getting Together: Icebreakers and Group Energizers
Lorraine L. Ukens
These brief, interactive games and activities raise your participants' awareness and prepare them to learn something new. Designed to be fun and energizing, the activities help people overcome the initial anxiety common among new acquaintances or in group situations.

This collection is conveniently divided into two categories: 1) icebreakers, which encourage mixing, and 2) group challenges, which energize and build team cohesion.
Book Thumbnail Mind-body magic: creative activities for any audience
Martha Belknap
(161 Pages) Whether you're looking for an effective way to illustrate a point, an evocative spark for creativity, a powerful prelude to problem solving, or a memorable closing, Mind-Body Magic provides a professional bag of tricks for engaging, energizing, and motivating audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Book jacket.
Book Thumbnail Silver Bullets: A Revised Guide to Initiative Problems, Adventure Games, Stunts, and Trust Activities: 25th Anniversary Edition
Karl Rohnke, Project Adventure
(214 Pages)
  Strategic financial management for conferences, workshops, and meetings
Robert Simerly
(120 Pages) In many organizations the person who has the responsibility for planning conferences, workshops, and meetings often has little or no training in accounting. And for the busy professional, learning financial management skills on-the-job can be a complicated and frustrating experience. In this practical and down-to-earth book, written specifically for those who do not have a background in accounting, Robert G. Simerly simplifies complex accounting and financial management principles and makes them understandable and easy to apply in developing a comprehensive strategic financial management system. Simerly presents a step-by-step guide to strategic financial management for conferences, workshops, and meetings in a wide variety of settings. The author covers all aspects of fiscal responsibility, including planning a budget for an individual program, identifying and recovering administrative overhead expenses, integrating individual programs into a comprehensive yearly budget, and developing a five-year financial planning model. The author details a basic five-step procedure - applicable to any program no matter how large or small - for creating a budget for a single program. He explains how to set in place an accrual accounting system using actual budgets as easy-to-follow case examples. Seven practical principles are outlined for maximizing success and positioning an organization for long-term financial health when designing and implementing a strategic financial planning system for conferences and meetings. The book also provides illustrative sample spreadsheets and several different types of budget planning forms that can be adapted for immediate use in any type of organization.
  The Big Book of Team Building Games
John & Edward Newstrom & Scannell
Book Thumbnail The team leader's idea-a-day guide: 250 ways to make your team more effective and productive--every working day of the year
Susan Fowler Woodring, Drea Zigarmi
(320 Pages) Unless all your team members are working well together, your chances of leading a prosperous & productive team are doomed. That's why you need THE TEAM LEADER'S IDEA-A-DAY GUIDE. This hands-on reference will guide you in creating more positive working relationships, so your team will accomplish its goals better, faster, & more effectively. Packed with ideas - 250 of them, one for each workday of the year, THE TEAM LEADER'S IDEA-A-DAY GUIDE will help you build a more dedicated team of motivated employees. Use this guide any way you want - read a single page, get an idea, close the book, & go out & take one more step towards success; pick out a particular section devoted to a specific set of skills; or read the entire book from start to finish.