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Book Thumbnail Coaching for leadership: how the world's greatest coaches help leaders learn
Marshall Goldsmith
(392 Pages) The world's greatest coaches come together to provide a comprehensive look at how modern coaching is taking over as the management style of choice. With contributions from today's thought leaders: Nancy J. Adler, John R. Alexander, David Allen, Judith M. Bardwick, Richard Beckhard, James A. Belasco, Chip R. Bell, Roger Chevalier, Thomas Crane, Bert Decker, Alan Fine, Joe Folkman, Alyssa M. Freas, Robert Fulme, r Marshall Goldsmith, Don Grayson, Victoria A. Guthrie, Bill Hawkins, Tom Heinselman, Paul Hersey, Maya Hu-Chan, Julie Johnson, Beverly L. Kaye, James M. Kouzes, Kerry Larson, Richard J. Leider, Bruce Lloyd, Laurence S. Lyons, Carlos Marin, Howard Morgan, David Noer, Tom Pettey, Elizabeth Pinchot, Gifford Pinchot, Barry Z. Posner, Alastair Robertson, Edgar H. Schein, Deepak Sethi, Jeremy Solomons, Iain Somerville, Liz Thach, Roosevelt Thomas, Jr., David Ulrich, Cathy Walt, Robert Witherspoon Pfeiffer 350 Sansome Street, 5th Floor San Francisco, CA 94104-1342 (415) 433-1740; Fax (415) 433-0499 (800) 274-4434; Fax (800) 569-0443 Business/Management ISBN 078795517-5 Barcode Put coaching into practice in your organization! Executive coaching is dramatically increasing in popularity. Leaders around the world are both using coached and becoming coaches. But, the understanding of what executive coaching is and how it can increases leaders' effectiveness has not grown as fast as the application of this process. Coaching for Leadership: How the World's Greatest Coaches Help Leaders Learn brings together the best executive coaches to give the reader an understanding of how coaching works, why it works, and how leaders can make the best use of the coaching process. "Finally, coaching put into perspective-the art, the science, the impact-all expertly explained in one place! Coaching for Leadership is a must read for anyone interested in maximizing the success of themselves and their organization."� Richard Amabile, senior director, executive development, Enron Corporation "Coaching has become one of the key competencies of successful leaders who recognize their duty to develop others. This book is an indispensable item in the executive library as it combines leading edge thought, clarity and, most important of all, real practicality."� David Bannister, director, international human resource development, KPMG UK "Coaching for Leadership provides you with the opportunity to access the best of the best. Their collective insights and advice represents a benchmark framework for those who coach or are responsible for developing the skills of coaches."� Charles J. Corace, director, management education development, Johnson Johnson
  Laura Bush: Americas First Lady
Beatrice Gormley
Book Thumbnail Malcolm X: a fire burning brightly
Walter Dean Myers
(33 Pages) A biography of the civil rights leader offers an in-depth look at his life and includes quotes from speeches
Book Thumbnail More Than a Hobby: How a $600 Start-Up Became America's Home & Craft Superstore
David Green, Dean Merrill
(224 Pages) More than a Hobby takes readers inside the mind of a low-key, likable Oklahoma entrepreneur who has created a unique shopping experience. How did his company go from a $600 loan to $1.3 billion in annual sales in just thirty-one years-especially when he wasn't groomed for this work either by heritage or by education? Green was willing to go against the tide, allowing faith to play a huge part in the business. More Than a Hobby describes how this wildly successful business was built not on business-school theory, but on the founder's own experience as a grassroots store manager.
  Nine and Counting: The Women of the Senate
Whitney, Catherine
What a difference a woman makes. The nine women of the United States Senate have changed the political landscape, and there's no turning back. Now, for the first time, in Nine and Counting, readers will be treated to an inside view of their private and public lives. As the senators share their stories and reflections with refreshing candor, insight, and humor, they demonstrate how ordinary women can overcome barriers and achieve extraordinary goals. These nine women are more different than they are alike. Their backgrounds, personal styles, and political ideals are as diverse as the United States itself. Yet they share a commonality that runs deeper than politics or geography: the desire to give voice to all of their constituents while serving as role models for women young and old. Each senator brings her unique perspective to the mix.
Book Thumbnail The presidential difference: leadership style from FDR to Clinton
Fred I. Greenstein
(300 Pages) "An excellent book. I support it wholeheartedly."--Dick Cheney, May 3, 2000"A wonderful book. . . . For journalists, it is a great checklist as to what we ought to be--but probably are not likely to be--looking for in a presidential candidate."--David Broder"Among the many excellent books on the American presidency, Greenstein's "The Presidential Difference will occupy a unique position. Greenstein not only provides succinct descriptions of the person and presidency of every incumbent in the office from FDR to Clinton, but he also presents the reader with highly informed, judicious, shrewd, and entirely nonpartisan judgments about the qualities that have made for success and failure in that demanding office. His descriptions and evaluations make it a book that can be read with profit by everyone who cares about American political life, and, as appears to be the author's intent, particularly by future incoming presidents."--Robert A. Dahl, author of "On Democracy
Book Thumbnail They Call Me Coach
John Wooden, Jack Tobin
(272 Pages) This book captures the full flavor of the man, the philosophies that work in life, and the philosophies that work on the court.
Book Thumbnail We shall not fail: the inspiring leadership of Winston Churchill
Celia Sandys, Jonathan Littman
(283 Pages) Co-authored by the subject's granddaughter, an analysis of Churchill's leadership strategies offers insight into the tactics he employed during the second World War, from supporting innovators and trying new things to maintaining consistent standards and putting bad news into perspective.