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Authorized Activities

The Authorized Activity List reports activities that are:

  • Required due to mandatory participation in a university activity, or
  • Necessary as a requirement for an official class.

Authorized activities are official university-excused absences as defined in Part I, Section 7 of University Student Rules.

Click the button below to submit a request for an Authorized Activity. This form will be sent for review by the dean of the college or, in the case of non-academic activities, the Vice President for Student Affairs.

If the absence is categorized as excused, the instructor must either provide the student an opportunity to make up the exam or other work missed or provide a satisfactory alternative completed within 30 calendar days from the last date of absence.

Sponsored Activities

The Sponsored Activity List reports activities of academic and non-academic departments, administrative entities and or recognized student organizations that are:

  • Generally considered to be important to the overall leadership development and education of Texas A&M students, but
  • Not required as part of an official class or as mandatory participation in a university activity.

Participation in a sponsored activity is not considered official university-excused absences; however, based on the perceived educational value of the event, instructors are encouraged to consider allowing student(s) to make up the work missed.

The Sponsored Activity form can be accessed and submitted online below. This form does not require Dean or Vice President for Student Affairs approval.