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Women in Industry Conference Presented by MHEDA & MHI

Date Range:
November 7, 2018 to November 9, 2018
Event Type:
Chicago, IL
This conference is with companies in industry related to our major, Industrial Distribution. They have invited four students from the Society of Women in Industrial Distribution to represent Texas A&M as well as the ID Program with scholarship for each student to be able to attend. The names of the students representing are Emily Joseph, Hanna Breckenfeld, Hannah Ryu, and Sowanny Horth. The students will have the opportunity to expand their network, and learn firsthand from women in this industry as well as advice on going into a man-dominated field. This conference is specifically for women in the material handling industry allowing the students to gain insight and knowledge to bring back to the university, the ID Program, our organization, and our peers thus expanding a wider network overall to increase opportunities for other students at Texas A&M as well. As strong advocates for women empowerment and women recognition, we believe this opportunity will give us great skills to prepare us going into our future careers as well as the refinement of both leadership and verbal communication skills. This opportunity is definitely not something we could get in the classroom, and we would love to represent Texas A&M and the ID Program, and bring back more opportunities to Aggies!
Contact Information:
Colonel Mark Johson
Industrial Distribution