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The Judicial Court of Texas A&M is one of the three governing branches of the Texas A&M Student Government Association and is comprised of nine Justices and six Judge Advocate Generals...

Pending Recognition

The Texas A&M Journal of Law & Civil Governance is a forum for the rigorous debate and discussion of leading policy issues. Drawing its inspiration from the well-known principle of classical theorist...

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We are committed to helping students learn and practice Japanese as well as teach students about the culture of Japan during our meetings and events. We also provide a way for native Japanese speakers...

Recognized with Restrictions

The John Quincy Adams Society (JQAS) is a national network of student groups focused on U.S. foreign policy, with a centering vision of restraint. Our chapters aim to help college students advance...

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The purpose of the Texas A&M University Class Clouncils shall be to provide leadership and direction for the classes, to manage the affairs f the classes, to promote unity within and between the...

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Class Councils, as a representative body, strives to serve and unite Texas A&M University and to enhance traditions for the continual improvement of the Aggie Community.

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Books & Bosses Mission & Vision Statement The Mission of the Books & Bosses Keitt Institute Initiative is to develop strong women through the life-long promotion of the Institute's Four Founding...

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Just4Water is dedicated to provide self-sustainable and economic water solutions to developing nations at the village level.

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