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TAMU Aikido

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The mission of TAMU Aikido is to provide a means for our members to have a safe and controlled atmosphere for university students, staff and faculty, and community members to learn and practice Aikido. Providing a means to access high quality instruction in Aikido by qualified teachers is a primary aim of the organization. As such, the organization's activities include facilitating member safety, assisting the Chief Instructor (Sensei) in carrying out teaching duties, promoting the club (including TAMU Open House demonstrations), and organizing social events.
TAMU Aikido enjoys a direct connection with Aikido Kobayashi Dojo and Hombu Dojo of Japan through Masuda Shihan. The organization aims to host regular seminars with Masuda Shihan as it has done in the past. TAMU Aikido is also pleased to host practices with our instructor Micheal Uehara Sensei.
Aikido is a martial art that is a modern descendent of traditional Japanese Samurai arts. Its basic philosophy is to blend with the attack, employing an attacker's energy in the process of neutralization. Aikido is revolutionary in many respects, being purely defensive, non-competitive, and based on an ethical aim unique in the major martial arts of protecting the attacker. Employing coordination rather than brute strength or size, Aikido is both an effective form of self-defense and a means of improving physical fitness for a broad range of individuals. It transcends the purely physical, providing mental and spiritual tools for developing the person as a whole. Aikido provides substantial benefits to practitioners in their personal and professional lives.
Year Founded:
Membership Dues:
$45 per month
Admits Members:
All Year
Meeting Locations:
MW 7:45-9:45 PM, 2603 Rountree Drive #101, Bryan, TX 77801

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Robert Koenig
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General (No College)
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Membership policies:
  • Our organization accepts undergraduate students as members
  • Our organization accepts graduate students as members
  • Our organization accepts faculty/staff as members
  • Our organization accepts community members as members
Weekly time committment required of organization members:
0-3 Hours
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Community Service Projects:
Once per year
Fundraising Events:
Once per semester
Once per semester
On-Campus Social Events:
Off-Campus Social Events:
Once per semester
Hosting Conferences:
Once per year
Sponsoring Special Events (Concerts, one-time events, etc.):
New Member Orientation/Training:
Three or more times per semester
Events with Alcohol:
In-State Travel:
Once per semester
Domestic US Travel:
International Travel: