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MSC Spencer Leadership Conference

About This Organization

MSC Spencer

MSC Spencer Leadership Conference provides programs in leadership training and values development through exposing prospective student leaders to leaders in business, industry, education, innovation, inclusion, and public service.

The MSC Spencer Leadership Conference focuses on leadership development from three specific pillars: Self-Authorship, Innovative Leadership, and Selfless Service. By exposing students to these perspectives of leadership, we hope to influence the creation of well-rounded, passionate leaders on campus and eventually in the world.

Year Founded:
Membership Dues:
$125 per year
Admits Members:
Fall Semester
Meeting Locations:
On campus

Public Contact Information

Public Contact Name:
Hannah Rodlund
Public Contact E-mail Address:
Public Contact Phone Number:

Group Contact Information

Organization Web Site:


Approximate membership of the organization:
Membership policies:
  • Our organization accepts undergraduate students as members
  • Our organization membership will be required to meet specific GPR requirements
Membership intake process:


Community Service Projects:
Once per semester
Hosting Conferences:
Once per year
In-State Travel:
Once per year