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The Ready Room

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The Ready Room is an online platform that will decrease space between intelligence consumers and academia. Featuring analytic pieces written by current and former Bush School students, guest contributors and other subject matter experts, the Ready Room will provide consumers with a central database on intelligence-related issues.
Podcast episodes, hosted by Intelligence Studies professors, will highlight interviews with intelligence professionals and address a variety of issues.
The Ready Room seeks to highlight the diverse perspectives and experiences of graduate students within the Intelligence Studies Program (ISP) at the Bush School of Government and Public Service. The Ready Room accomplishes this task by providing a platform for students to showcase their work, provide the audience with insights from future public servants, and further advance the Bush School brand within public and private sectors.
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The Ready Room
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George Bush School of Government and Public Service
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  • Our organization accepts graduate students as members
  • Our organization membership will be required to meet specific GPR requirements
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3-5 Hours
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Once per semester
Twice per semester