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Data-Enabled Discovery and Design of Energy Materials Student Organization

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The mission of the Data-Enabled Discovery and Design of Energy Materials Student Organization (D3EMSO) will be to achieve a more qualified masters and doctoral graduate student for the current workforce with a focus on graduate students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. The current paradigm for graduate training in the STEM fields focus on highly specialized technical training through coursework and research. However, the needs of industry and academia revolve around graduate students who are trained in a more diverse set of skills such as an interdisciplinary background, effective communication skills, the ability to manage and lead teams and etc. This dichotomy in the training being supplied to graduate students by universities and the demands placed by employers in industry and academia is a major problem faced by today's graduate students. This organization will work alongside the D3EM program on campus and act as a parallel student run supplement.

The purpose of the D3EMSO is to address this issue and to provide quality solutions to the Texas A&M University (TAMU) graduate student population. The current programs in place at TAMU provide a wonderful, yet conventional, graduate education to its students. However, the D3EMSO can provide supplemental training and opportunities that focus on imparting the diverse skills required by industry and academia. The combination of a traditional and specialized graduate education with various and varied workshops will lead to graduate student that is not only better equipped to participate in the industrial workforce but to excel in it as well.

The primary deficiency in graduate education that the D3EMSO will address is the lack of interdisciplinary studies and opportunities available to graduate students. Many industry or academia careers rely on a student that has a broad knowledge base in multiple fields while also having a deep skill set in his/her field of specialty. The broad knowledge base corresponds to interdisciplinary training. The D3EMSO will broaden the graduate student's knowledge base by hosting a variety of events and services with the goal of presenting content from a myriad of disciplines. The D3EMSO will work to gather graduate students from multiple disciplines together in order to encourage peer-to-peer learning and teaching of interdisciplinary material. Both informal (casual gathering and dissemination of interdisciplinary information) and formal (workshops over interdisciplinary content) gatherings will be employed. The D3EMSO will also offer a seminar schedule service that compiles the seminar dates from multiple departments into one convenient place. Currently, it is challenging for a graduate student to be aware of seminars outside of his/her department making it difficult to engage in interdisciplinary learning. Therefore, a compilation of seminars would make it easier for students to find and engage in seminars outside of his/her discipline. Finally, in order to better acquaint graduate students with the needs and inner workings of industry the D3EMSO will host seminars consisting of industry speakers. Having an industry insider speak about what the wants and needs from graduate students are is an excellent way to better prepare them for industry careers.

There are many other ways that the D3EMSO will better equip graduate students for their future careers. Current graduate education forgoes any training outside of technical knowledge and skills. This leads to deficiencies in the student's ability to effectively communicate their research, either through presentation, posters or other methods, and a lack of investments in outreach and well-being activities. This creates a graduate student who may have the technical knowledge required for a career in industry or academia but is unable to properly perform other essential duties. The D3EMSO will fill in these gaps by providing the tools necessary for obtaining these vital skills. For example, the D3EMSO will host science communication workshops with the aid of individual with theatre and business marketing backgrounds in order to teach scientists how to best address their audience. Other D3EMSO activities will focus on outreach to the local community and the well-being of the student.

The D3EMSO will work to develop a better graduate student by integrating interdisciplinary studies and skills aimed at meeting the requirements of industry and academia. The goal is to supplement current graduate training with components that are often lacking creating students that are much better equipped to handle the "real world" situations, challenges and problems they will encounter in their careers.
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