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Aggies Creating Sustainable Solutions

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Aggies' Non-Profit Initiative is a community of students who share the passion and drive to pursue a career in starting or working in the non-profit sector. The purpose of this community is to equip students with tools and information they can use as they discover what non-profit field they have a passion for. We will focus on international, national, and local non-profits and examine the different ways that they are run. We will have representatives from non-profits come in and discuss with us what their organization does, how it was started, and give us a need that we can fundraise for. By fundraising for these sound organizations, it will not only help their organization, but it will also give our members hands-on fundraising experience (which is something that every non-profit will need to know how to do) and teach them how to explain a cause to the public. Besides speakers, we will also have "brainstorming" meetings, where we discuss with one another what our individual passions are, where those passions come from, common mistakes done by non-profits, the mind set behind effective non-profit organizations, and tools that the students can be utilizing while they are in college to take the first steps towards their future organization. As a community, our goal is to become influential humanitarian leaders of today and tomorrow.
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Amanda Miller
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(817) 575-7742

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  • Our organization accepts undergraduate students as members
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Twice per semester
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Once per semester
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Once per semester
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Once per semester
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