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Texas A&M Women In Aviation

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About This Organization

Our organization (Texas A&M Women In Aviation) is a 3rd party affiliate of the Women In Aviation International organization. The International organization's mission is to connect, engage, and inspire women to be the best they can be in life and aviation. Similarly, our chapter's mission seeks to inform, empower, and equip women with the knowledge and tools to be successful in any industry, especially that of aviation. As an organization, we plan on connecting our members with other flying organizations such as Civil Air Patrol, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), etc. which will better enable them to get their foot in the flying door. We also plan on informing our members on ways they can start their pilot journey through ground school and flight school resources. Our members will have the opportunity to network with pilots and people interested in flying all across campus and College Station.
We would like to meet at least once a month where we would discuss different aspects of aviation, go on field trips to flight schools/flight museums, invite guest speakers, and go flying as a group.
Ultimately, we are a group who is passionate about aviation and want others to experience the thrill and community that flying brings. Additionally, while we are a "Women" in Aviation club, both males and females are welcome to join.
Year Founded:
Membership Dues:
$12 per year
Admits Members:
All Year
Meeting Locations:
Astin Aviation

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Public Contact Name:
Maria Hall
Public Contact E-mail Address:
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General (No College)
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Membership policies:
  • Our organization accepts undergraduate students as members
  • Our organization accepts graduate students as members
  • Our organization accepts faculty/staff as members
  • Our organization accepts community members as members
  • Our organization membership will be contingent on membership in another organization (i.e. Corps of Cadets, etc.)
Weekly time committment required of organization members:
0-3 Hours
Membership intake process:


Community Service Projects:
Twice per semester
Fundraising Events:
Once per semester
Three or more times per semester
On-Campus Social Events:
Twice per semester
Off-Campus Social Events:
Once per semester
Hosting Conferences:
Once per year
Sponsoring Special Events (Concerts, one-time events, etc.):
New Member Orientation/Training:
Events with Alcohol:
In-State Travel:
Once per semester
Domestic US Travel:
Once per year
International Travel: