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Texas Taiwanese Biotechnology Association - Division at Texas A&M University

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Despite a large Taiwanese population in biology-related fields in Texas, there is a lack of a professional organization to serve as a platform for networking, idea exchange, and collaboration. Therefore, we established this student and young professional based organization, Texas Taiwanese Biotechnology Association (TTBA), in 2014. Since then, we have been facilitating collaborations and communications among Taiwanese as well as connecting Taiwan and the U.S.

Through TTBA, we seek to unite Taiwanese in biology-related fields, including students, postdoctoral fellows, and young professionals in both academia and industry in Texas. We then are not only able to voice for ourselves, build new connections, share scientific breakthroughs, but also discuss job information and exchange career advice. In addition, current leaders in the field are able to network and cooperate with each other, and at the same time pass down practical knowledge to the young generation. We hope that by bridging the gap between academia and industry, we are able to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and contribute to the enterprise's development.

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