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Women in Animation

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WIA is the only organization dedicated to advancing women in the field of animation. As an organization, we envision a world where women share equally in the creation, production and rewards of animation, and we provide resources and connections to make it happen. As the popularity of animation has grown, it now reaches audiences of diverse age, gender, ethnicity, and culture. As this growth continues, so does the need to ensure that animation content represents the world as it should be - a world where women are equally represented, both behind the scenes and on the screen, to move culture forward. Women are known for the ability to value, tap into, and use our creativity and abilities to influence. And women's influence in animation is one that rounds out the industry, grows revenues, and contributes to that forward cultural momentum. Student chapters of WIA allow for programming and relationships that aids in demystifying the path from school to industry.
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Membership Dues:
$25 per year
Admits Members:
Spring and Fall
Meeting Locations:
Langford C207

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College of Architecture


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  • Our organization accepts undergraduate students as members
  • Our organization accepts graduate students as members
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0-3 Hours
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