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Squadron 6

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About This Organization

Sq. 6, Flying Tigers
The mission of Squadron 6 is: "Preparing cadets for a lifetime of selfless service."
We accomplish this mission through academic discipline, military training, and community service.

• Academic discipline provides the key to success in college and the foundation for a lifetime of creative leadership.
• Military training provides an environment in which incoming freshmen can learn about the value of humility and the importance of serving others in the midst of difficult circumstances. In addition, effective military training is essential to preparing cadets for a successful career in the Air Force.
• Community service allows us to strengthen outfit unity, serve the wider community, and open our minds to the needs of others.

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Year Founded:
Founded 1948, Reactivated 2012
Membership Dues:
50$ per year
Admits Members:
In the fall
Meeting Locations:

Public Contact Information

Public Contact Name:
Caleb Ortega
Public Contact E-mail Address:
Public Contact Phone Number:
(956) 984-9207

Group Contact Information

Organization Web Site:

Organization Associations

Academic Department:
General (No College)
Non-Academic Department:
Corps of Cadets


Approximate membership of the organization:
Membership policies:
  • Our organization accepts undergraduate students as members
  • Our organization membership will be required to meet specific GPR requirements
  • Our organization membership will be contingent on membership in another organization (i.e. Corps of Cadets, etc.)
Weekly time committment required of organization members:
10-20 Hours
Membership intake process:


Community Service Projects:
Three or more times per semester
Fundraising Events:
Once per semester
Once per semester
On-Campus Social Events:
Three or more times per semester
Off-Campus Social Events:
Once per year
Hosting Conferences:
Once per year
Sponsoring Special Events (Concerts, one-time events, etc.):
Once per year
New Member Orientation/Training:
Three or more times per semester
Events with Alcohol:
In-State Travel:
Once per year
Domestic US Travel:
International Travel: