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Book Thumbnail Lives of Moral Leadership: Men and Women Who Have Made a Difference
Robert Coles
(247 Pages) In an incisive study of moral leadership and its implications, the best-selling author of The Moral Life of Children profiles individuals who have had a profound influence on contemporary American life and examines those qualities that allow people to become moral leaders in their homes, communities, and nation. Reprint. 30,000 first printing.
Book Thumbnail Living the 7 Habits: The Courage to Change
Stephen R. Covey
(336 Pages) "To live with change, to optimize change, you need principles that don't change." -- Dr. Stephen R. Covey Success that endures -- sustainable and balanced success -- can seem difficult to achieve in today's turbulent, complex world of change. But those who achieve this kind of success live by seven universal, timeless, self-evident principles that apply in any situation, in any culture. In Living the 7 Habits: The Courage to Change, Dr. Covey shows how successful people have used these principles to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and change their lives. By showing how real people have used the principles to thrive in a changing world, he provides practical guidance and powerful inspiration to readers searching for a proven framework for living a meaningful life.
Book Thumbnail Lord of the flies: a novel
William Golding, Edward Morgan Forster
(256 Pages) The classic study of human nature which depicts the degeneration of a group of schoolboys marooned on a desert island
  Magic Eye
N.E. Thing Foundation
Book Thumbnail Maintaining diversity in higher education
Robert Birnbaum, Estela Mara Bensimon
(209 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Make the Impossible Possible: One Man's Crusade to Inspire Others to Dream Bigger and Achieve the Extraordinary
Bill Strickland
(231 Pages) “Success is the point where your most authentic talents, passion, values, and experiences intersect with the chance to contribute to some greater good.” --Bill Strickland According to MacArthur Fellowship “genius” award winner Bill Strickland, a successful life is not something you simply pursue, it is something that you create, moment by moment. It is a realization Strickland first came to when, as a poor kid growing up in a rough neighborhood of Pittsburgh, he encountered a high school ceramics teacher who took him under his wing and went on to transform his life. Over the past thirty years, Bill Strickland has been transforming the lives of thousands of people through the creation of Manchester Bidwell, a jobs training center and community arts program. Working with corporations, community leaders, and schools, he and his staff strive to give disadvantaged kids and adults the opportunities and tools they need to envision and built a better, brighter future. Strickland believes that every one of us has the potential for remarkable achievement. Every one of us can accomplish the impossible in our lives if given the right inspiration and motivation to do so. We all make ourselves “poor” in one way or another when we accept that we are not smart enough, experienced enough, or talented enough to accomplish something. Bill Strickland works with the least advantaged among us, and if he can help them achieve the impossible in their lives, think what each of us can do. Among Bill Strickland’s beliefs: People are born into this world as assets, not liabilities. It’s all in the way we treat people (and ourselves) that determines a person’s outcome The sand in the hourglass flows only one way. Stop going through the motions of living--savor each and every day. Life is here and now, not something waiting for you in the future. You don’t have to travel far to change the life you’re living. Bill grew up in the Pittsburgh ghetto, four blocks from where he came to build one of the foremost job training centers in the world. He now speaks before CEOs and political leaders, church congregations and civic leaders. You only need to change your thinking to remake your world. Through lessons from his own life experiences, and those of countless others who have overcome their circumstances and turned their lives around, Make the Impossible Possible shows how all of us can build on our passions and strengths, dream bigger and set the bar higher, achieve meaningful success and help mentor and inspire the lives of others.
Book Thumbnail Making a Difference College & Graduate Guide: Outstanding Colleges to Help You Make a Better World
Miriam Weinstein
(416 Pages) Recommends colleges and programs for those interested in the environment and social justice
Book Thumbnail Making Diversity Work: 7 Steps for Defeating Bias in the Workplace
Sondra Thiederman
(222 Pages) Fully update and revised, this new edition provides new storiesm exercises, and trends, addressing the growing concern about "implicit" or "unconscious" bias.
Book Thumbnail Making the Most of Being Mentored: How to Grow from a Mentoring Partnership
Gordon F. Shea
(104 Pages) Explains how to pick a mentor and captitalize on the experience, skills, and resources of experienced individuals
Book Thumbnail Making Their Own Way: Narratives for Transforming Higher Education to Promote Self-Development
Marcia Baxter Magolda
(356 Pages) This is an important book for all faculty, administrators and student affairs professionals.
Book Thumbnail Malcolm X: a fire burning brightly
Walter Dean Myers
(33 Pages) A biography of the civil rights leader offers an in-depth look at his life and includes quotes from speeches
Book Thumbnail Managers, Can You Hear Me Now?: Hard-Hitting Lessons on How to Get Real Results
Denny Strigl, Frank Swiatek
(224 Pages) Learn from the executive who made Verizon Wireless #1 what it takes to drive results, develop people, and build careers “Happy employees don't make good results; good results make happy employees.” This is one of the rules that helped Denny Strigl to transform Verizon Wireless from a regional carrier into a billion-dollar behemoth during his 20 years as president and CEO. Strigl's long-awaited no-spin/no-fluff guide to results-driven management is custom-made for leaders like you who are ready to create value, find and support the best people, and succeed in today's hyper-competitive business environment. Strigl explains the clear and proven leadership behaviors that managers can adopt to dramatically improve their team's performance. This book transcends contrarian/tough love management philosophies, instead offering a rock-solid primer to the principles of success. Filled with colorful, “sticky” examples of these rules in action, this is the essential guide to getting results that everyone will love.
Book Thumbnail Managing upside down: the seven intentions of values-centered leadership
Tom Chappell
(220 Pages) The founder of the environmentally friendly company Tom's of Maine discusses how a concern for the Earth and an interest in maintaining social values can help a company succeed, offering seven basic steps for improving corporate values. 40,000 first printing. Tour.
Book Thumbnail Martin Luther King, Jr., on Leadership: Inspiration and Wisdom for Challenging Times
Donald T. Phillips
(384 Pages) Using the Civil Rights struggle as his historical perspective, the author has created a detailed and absorbing chronicle of Martin Luther King's leadership during the most tumultuous period in America's recent past.
  Mastering Customer Value Management: The Art and Science of Creating Competitive Advantage
Ray Kordupleski
There is now an emerging art and science of customer value management that is proving its worth in increased market share and shareholder value for the companies that practice it. The concepts of customer value management and the practical tools that the author has developed to support them are the subject of this book.This is the first book that goes beyond merely explaining the emerging art and science of customer value management, to providing a proven set of tools and techniques that will work for companies of all sizes.
  Measures of leadership
Kenneth E. Clark, Psychological Corporation
(636 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Meeting the ethical challenges of leadership: casting light or shadow
Craig Edward Johnson
(260 Pages) Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership identifies the unique ethical demands of leadership and equips students to meet those challenges. Written in an informal, accessible style, this book takes an interdisciplinary approach to leadership ethics that will appeal to students from a variety of academic backgrounds. Designed as a core textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in leadership and ethics, this student-friendly book looks at the leaders inner life, including character development and values. Respected author and professor, Craig E. Johnson, blends research and theory with practical strategies, skill development, contemporary case studies, and application exercises. The first of its kind, this text provides students with a variety of ethical perspectives and strategies to apply to moral dilemmas and describes tools and techniques for creating positive ethical climates in small group, organizational, and culturally diverse settings.
Book Thumbnail Mentoring: how to develop successful mentor behaviors
Gordon F. Shea
(104 Pages) Annotation Mentoring is a useful resource for anyone interested in this enriching and rewarding experience. The book covers key questions and considerations for the potential mentor, as well as assisting in identifying and understanding the needs of a mentee. Special topics discussed include cross-cultural, cross-gender, and supervisor/employee mentoring.
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