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  Leadership in the Making: Impact and Insights From Leadership Development Programs in U.S. Colleges and Universities
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Book Thumbnail Leadership is an Art
Max De Pree
(148 Pages) An updated edition of a best-selling classic reveals the importance of building relationships, initiating ideas, and creating a value system in order to be an effective leader, providing in the new volume a revised preface on the challenges facing today's companies. Reprint.
Book Thumbnail Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive Through the Dangers of Leading
Ronald Abadian Heifetz, Martin Linsky
(252 Pages) To lead is to live dangerously. It's romantic and exciting to think of leadership as all inspiration, decisive action, and rich rewards, but leading requires taking risks that can jeopardize your career and your personal life. It requires putting yourself on the line, disturbing the status quo, and surfacing hidden conflict. And when people resist and push back, there's a strong temptation to play it safe. Those who choose to lead plunge in, take the risks, and sometimes get burned. But it doesn't have to be that way say renowned leadership authorities Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky. In Leadership on the Line, they show how it's possible to make a difference without getting "taken out" or pushed aside. They present everyday tools that give equal weight to the dangerous work of leading change and the critical importance of personal survival. Through vivid stories from all walks of life, the authors present straightforward strategies for navigating the perilous straits of leadership. Whether parent or politician, CEO or community activist, this practical book shows how you can exercise leadership and survive and thrive to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Book Thumbnail Leadership One Hundred One
John C. Maxwell
(116 Pages) Guides readers through practical steps to develop true leadership in accordance with qualities ranging from influence and integrity to self-discipline and attitude, in a reference that draws on four of Maxwell's best-selling works including Developing the Leader Within You.
Book Thumbnail Leadership presence: dramatic techniques to reach out, motivate, and inspire
Belle Linda Halpern, Kathy Lubar
(280 Pages) A guide on how to develop leadership skills builds on the lessons presented by the authors during their Ariel Group seminars, covering such topics as handling tough situations with confidence, building collaboration-enhancing relationships, and developing motivational communication skills. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.
  Leadership Resource Binder
Student Activities
Book Thumbnail Leadership skills: developing volunteers for organizational success
Emily Kittle Morrison
(240 Pages) A complete handbook for building leadership skills within any type of volunteer organization.
Book Thumbnail Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way: Timeless Strategies from the First Lady of Courage
Robin Gerber
(318 Pages) A guide to leadership based on the life and work of the former first lady serves as an effective primer for women in search of a powerful role model to develop their individual leadership skills.
  Leadership Theory & Practice
Peter Northouse
  Leadership Theory & Practice-Fourth Edition
Peter Northouse
  Leadership through the ages: a collection of favorite quotations
Rudolph W. Giuliani
(115 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Leadership Without Easy Answers
(348 Pages) Ronald A. Heifetz, professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, presents clear, concrete strategies for anyone who needs to take charge--no matter what the organizational conditions. Drawing on a dozen years of research among business leaders and politicians, Heifetz demonstrates what one must do--and avoid doing--to be a leader in an age without easy answers.
Book Thumbnail Leadership: quotations from the world's greatest motivators
Robert A. Fitton
(338 Pages) The thought-provoking quotations presented here cover a broad spectrum of topics related to leadership. The majority of authors represented are great statesmen, philosophers, or military leaders, but also included are pertinent thoughts by corporate leaders, scholars, and writers. International in scope, the collection includes quotations from every period of history from ancient to contemporary times.In this eminently browseable book, the reader will find the quotations arranged in an accessible format. Guided by a detailed table of contents and a unique index, the reader can easily locate quotes either by topic or by author. Robert Fitton has created a valuable and enjoyable reference work for anyone interested in the many facets of leadership.
Book Thumbnail Leading change
John P. Kotter
(187 Pages) Describes the key qualities managers must have to make their companies stronger in a changing market, and discusses the most common mistakes managers make in trying to change their companies
Book Thumbnail Leading Change: The Argument for Values-based Leadership
James O'Toole
(282 Pages) One of America's most esteemed management thinkers offers a book that transcends how-to management primers, offering an unorthodox approach to leadership based on the lessons of history, moral and political philosophy, and the practical experience of men and women across cultures and circumstances.
Book Thumbnail Leading from the Heart: Choosing to be a Servant Leader
Jack Kahl, Tom Donelan
(113 Pages) Drawing from his thirty years of entrepreneurial experience, his friendship with Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and years of self-motivated study, Jack Kahl reveals the true spirit of leadership. In 1971, Kahl made the investment of a lifetime: he bought a small, Cleveland company with revenues of just $800,000, renamed the company Manco, Inc., and began creating one of the most exciting business stories ever. By the time Kahl retired in 2000, the company was selling consumer products to the best retailers around the globe and had achieved revenues of more than $300 million. He sold the company in 1998, sharing 30% of the wealth -- some $27 million -- with his "partners," a title long held by every Manco employee. With Leading From the Heart, Kahl brings a unique and powerful lesson to all aspiring leaders: leadership begins with a choice -- a choice to serve others that comes from the heart.
  Leading group discussions
Frank Cheavens, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
(64 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Leading in Complex Worlds: A Volume in the International Leadership Series, Building Leadership Bridges
Barbour, Gloria Burgess, Lena Lid Falkman, Robert M. McManus
(304 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Leading in Tough Times: The Manager's Guide to Responsibility, Trust and Motivation
Richard S. Deems, Terri A. Deems
(181 Pages)
  Leading more effective meetings
Laura Kasser
(100 Pages)
  Leading Out Loud - The Authentic Speaker, the Credible Leaders
Terry Pearce
  Leading with Integrity/Character-Based Leadership
Alan Kolp
  Leading with Integrity: Character-Based Leadership
Peter Rea
(331 Pages) Leading with Integrity: Character-Based Leadership is rooted in the seven classical virtues and adds to those a few modern values everyone should recognize: character, competence, courage, faith, justice, leadership and corporate responsibility, prudence, temperance, love, hope, and worthiness. Character-based leadership encourages ethical practices, collaboration and open communication, and the creation of high-trust business environments.
Book Thumbnail Leading with soul: an uncommon journey of spirit
Lee G. Bolman, Terrence E. Deal
(258 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Lean in: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
Sheryl Sandberg
(228 Pages) The Facebook chief operating officer and Fortune top-ranked businesswoman shares provocative, anecdotal advice for women that urges them to take risks and seek new challenges in order to find work that they can love and engage in passionately.
Book Thumbnail Learning Skills for College and Career
Paul I. Hettich
(399 Pages) This practical book--the result of more than 20 years of observing, teaching, advising, and listening to students--teaches readers to make "smart" decisions and shows how to acquire the information, skills, and attitudes essential for learning how to learn. The author shows readers how to transfer skills from the real world of college to the real world of work, so they'll be better prepared to face the challenges that await them.Recognizing that learning is more permanent when we try to understand (rather than memorize) and apply (rather than passively store) the ideas and information we encounter, Hettich offers a wealth of exercises and examples that help readers become aware of what they are thinking, feeling, and doing so they can "take charge" and accept responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
Book Thumbnail Lessons from the road: inspirational insights by leading speakers in education

(273 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Let your life speak: listening for the voice of vocation
Parker J. Palmer
(117 Pages)
  Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation
Parker J. Palmer
Book Thumbnail Lightning: The Nature of Leadership
Bob Scher, Jane English
(142 Pages) The distilled wisdom of over a dozen years of corporate consulting and a twentyyear meditation practice, Lightning: The Nature of Leadership combines powerful words with evocative nature photography to reminds us of the larger context in which we live our professional lives. Scher shows us how our actions in our work lives are intimately connected with the larger world we live in, and how natural laws apply to such seemingly mundane activities as meetings, phone calls, and the daily decisions each of us are called to make. The book is a gift to keep nearby for inspiration and guidance, and as a constant reminderof the bigger picture.