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Book Thumbnail Games that boost performance
Steve Sugar, Carol Willett
(356 Pages) Boost individual and team performance with this indispensable collection of newly designed and field-tested games.
  Games that Teach Teams
Steve & George Sugar & Takacs
Book Thumbnail Games Trainers Play
John Newstrom
(303 Pages) Get any training session off the ground fast­­or jumpstart one whenever it lags­­with the more than 400 proven activities in the bestselling Games Trainers Play series. Their names may range from ``Tombstone Planning'' to ``The `Nobel' Prize Winner,'' but these brilliant offbeat, unexpected, disarming, fully reproducible games have one serious mission: to coax even the most reluctant groups to talk, laugh, think, and work together. Page after page of fun, easy-to-plant tearout exercises help you: break the ice and get particpants acquainted; shake up outworn habits and perceptions; challenge with thought-provoking brainteasers; test learning and retention; develop communication and listening skills; bring out and involve particpant-leaders; win back lethargic, distracted, low-energy groups; encourage creative problem-solving; boost or reinforce a group's self-image; forge cohesive work teams that value group effort; facilitate transfer of training to the job.
  Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
Ronni Sanlo
Book Thumbnail Get Up, Get Out, And Volunteer!: A Simple Book That Will Change Your Life
Dale Wallenius
(52 Pages) This inspirational book speaks to all members of the community, from grade-school students to senior citizens, and everyone in between.
  Getting Together: Icebreakers and Group Energizers
Lorraine L. Ukens
These brief, interactive games and activities raise your participants' awareness and prepare them to learn something new. Designed to be fun and energizing, the activities help people overcome the initial anxiety common among new acquaintances or in group situations.

This collection is conveniently divided into two categories: 1) icebreakers, which encourage mixing, and 2) group challenges, which energize and build team cohesion.
Book Thumbnail Gifted Hands
Ben Carson
(232 Pages) Examines the life and career of the famous neurosurgeon
  Global Leadership: Portraits of the Past, Visions for the Future
Harvy, Michael and Barbour, JoAnn Danelo
Book Thumbnail Global Leadership: Research, Practice, and Development

(200 Pages) Global leadership is an emerging field that seeks to understand and explain the impact of globalization processes on leadership. This is the first book to review the theoretical, empirical and conceptual literature on this important subject, and to analyze what this body of knowledge means for managers who lead in a global business context. Accessible to both student and practitioner alike, it explains how changes in the global context have created a demand for a distinctive set of qualities for effective leaders. This volume defines the skill set that global organizations are now looking for, highlighting the need to establish communities across diverse groups of stakeholders and initiate change as key aspects of global leadership. It also presents a critical analysis of the training and development of global leaders of the future. Global Leadership provides an important overview of a key emerging area within business and management. It is essential reading for students of leadership, organizational theory, strategic management, human resource management, and for anyone working and managing in the global arena.
Book Thumbnail Global Leadership: Research, Practice, and Development
Mark E. Mendenhall
(308 Pages) Global leadership has been frequently heralded by writers and executives as the key to sustained competitive advantage on the part of organizations. In addition, it is clear that the possession of leadership qualities and the display of leader behavior are requirements for individuals attempting to progress in their careers. It is important for aspiring managers to learn about the nature of effective global leadership and how they can develop their own competencies in this area. This textbook provides an important overview of this key emerging area within business and management. Offering a view into the nature of global leadership and the competencies necessary for aspiring managers to succeed, Global Leadership is essential reading for students of leadership, organizational theory, strategic management, human resource management, and for anyone working and managing in the global arena. Now in its second edition, it draws from recent research to both contemporize timeless topics and address today's relevant topics, from corporate social responsibility, to cultural competencies, to current technology.
Book Thumbnail Global Leadership: The Next Generation
Marshall Goldsmith
(350 Pages) The authors demonstrate the "Must-have" skills, values, traits and ideas for the leaders of tomorrow's global enterprise.
Book Thumbnail Go Put Your Strengths to Work: 6 Powerful Steps to Achieve Outstanding Performance
Marcus Buckingham
(320 Pages) Beginning with the million-copy bestsellers "First, Break All the Rules and Now, Discover Your Strengths, " Marcus Buckingham jump-started the strengths ...
Book Thumbnail Good Business: Leadership, Flow, and the Making of Meaning
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
(256 Pages) The author of the best-selling Flow profiles the characteristics of a visionary leader, contending that business and work has replaced religion and politics, and demonstrating how business leaders and employees can find happiness while contributing to society. Reprint. 40,000 first printing.
Book Thumbnail Great Quotes from Great Leaders
Peggy Anderson
(126 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Guts: 8 Laws of Business from One of the Most Innovative Business Leaders of Our Time
Robert A. Lutz
(256 Pages) "Read it for no other reason than to learn Bob's Seven Immutable Laws of Business. . . . This is vintage Bob-contrarian, thoughtful, and he's really fun to read." �Forbes In this edition of Bob Lutz's bestselling account of the business philosophy with which he revolutionized Chrysler and much of the automotive industry, Lutz reveals his unique brand of creative management. Readers will learn many lessons herein, including why the key to success in any business is maintaining a positive tension between the creative minds and the buttoned-up financial minds, and how to attract, motivate, and strategically deploy each type throughout an organization. This book features a new introduction and an epilogue in which Lutz introduces an eighth law that helps today's business leaders put his famed Seven Immutable Laws of Business into sharper perspective. Robert A. Lutz (Scarsdale, NY) is General Motor's Vice Chairman of Product Development and Chairman of GM North America.
Book Thumbnail Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
J. K. Rowling
(384 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Harvard business review on decision making
Peter Ferdinand Drucker, John Hammond, Ralph Keeney
(200 Pages) This collection of articles guides readers at all levels to understand the fundamental theories and practices of effective decision making in their professional and personal lives.
Book Thumbnail Hesselbein on leadership
Frances Hesselbein
(152 Pages) "Frances Hesselbein could manage any company in America." —Peter F. Drucker, "New York Times" "In this book Frances Hesselbein successfully integrates ...
Book Thumbnail Higher education for the public good: emerging voices from a national movement
John Burkhardt
(345 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Hitler and Churchill: Secrets of Leadership
Andrew Roberts
(232 Pages) Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill were two totally opposite leaders - both in what they stood for and in the way in which they seemed to lead. Award-winning historian Andrew Roberts examines their different styles of leadership and draws parallels with rulers from other eras. He also looks at the way Hitler and Churchill estimated each other as leaders, and how it affected the outcome of the war. In a world that is as dependent on leadership as any earlier age, HITLER AND CHURCHILL asks searching questions about our need to be led. In doing so, Andrew Roberts forces us to re-examine the way that we look at those who take decisions for us.
  Hotel Rwanda

Once you find out what happened in Rwanda, you'll never forget. OscarÂ(r) nominee* Don Cheadle (Traffic) gives "the performance of his career in this extraordinarily powerful" (The Hollywood Reporter) and moving true story of one man's brave stance against savagery during the 1994 Rwandan conflict. Sophie Okonedo (Dirty Pretty Things) co-stars as the loving wife who challenges a good man to become a great man. As his country descends into madness, five-star-hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina (Cheadle) sets out to save his family. But when he sees that theworld will not intervene in the massacre of minority Tutsis, he finds the courage to open his hotelto more than 1,200 refugees. Now, with a rabid militia at the gates, he must use his well-honed grace, flattery and cunning to protect his guests from certain death. *2004: Actor, Hotel Rwanda
Book Thumbnail How can I help?: stories and reflections on service
Ram Dass, Paul Gorman
(243 Pages)
Book Thumbnail How full is your bucket?: positive strategies for work and life
Tom Rath, Tom Rath (author.), Donald O. Clifton
(127 Pages)
  How to Control Liability & Risk i Volunteer Programs
Minnesota Volunteer Services
Book Thumbnail How to create powerful newsletters: easy ways to avoid the pitfalls 80 percent of all newsletters face
Peggy Nelson
(212 Pages) Newsletters are a vital resource to organization communications. But what makes certain newsletters work and others flat and pointless? From the basics to the finer points, from technical details such as typeface and paper stock to the larger considerations of message and audience, this book has the tools you need to create more powerful newsletters than you ever thought you could. How to Create Powerful Newsletters gives you the can't-miss keys to newsletter success that will ensure a reader-enticing blend of information.
Book Thumbnail How to lead work teams: facilitation skills
Fran Rees
(227 Pages) How to Lead Work Teams Facilitation Skills, Second Edition is a completely revised and updated resource that shows you how to develop the skills that are key for becoming a successful team leader. Step by step, author Fran Rees shows you how to develop the powerful facilitation skills that will help make you an outstanding team leader, coach, motivator, and facilitator. This hands-on book is filled with proven tools, techniques, and skills that can be learned today and put into action tomorrow! Using Rees's innovative L.E.A.D. model you can become a team leader who: * Leads with a clear purpose. Articulate your team's goals and purpose and encourage open and thoughtful discussion (including disagreement), brainstorming, and active listening. * Empowers to participate. Encourage team members to communicate in ways that enhance teamwork and achieve results. * Aims for consensus. Reach consensus by taking the time for questioning, listening, clarifying, augmenting, summarizing, and documenting. * Directs the process. Lead the process of communication both inside and outside your team. "The new edition hits the nail on the head. Every employee who works as a member of a team needs to learn facilitation skills. How to Lead Work Teams explains and describes skills and practical techniques in a very readable way." --Judith C. Tingley, president, Performance Improvement Pros, Inc. "An indispensable resource in our work culture, where we train and encourage all people to lead and make a difference. How to Lead Work Teams provides insightful approaches and clear instructions for facilitating that make it a valuable tool for managers, team leaders, and, indeed, all employees." --Tom Baily, training and development consultant, Medtronic, Tempe, Arizona "Fran Rees identifies the key ingredients for leaders and teams to work together effectively and efficiently in teams. This book is an invaluable resource full of ideas, creative solutions, and practical applications. " --Pris Ronan, president, Life Design, Inc., and owner, Strategic Learning Solutions "As leaders are having to deal with greater degrees of uncertainty and ambiguity, it is imperative for them to adopt a more facilitative style. Fran Rees has updated her original classic, How to Lead Work Teams, which provides an insightful and very practical approach to helping leaders become more facilitative and purposeful in their role." --Douglas Reid, president, Douglas Reid & Associates The Author Fran Rees is the owner of Rees & Associates, a Phoenix-based training and consulting firm. In the year 2001, her consulting firm celebrates her fifteenth year in business. Since the publication of the first edition of How to Lead Work Teams: Facilitation Skills in 1991, Fran has increasingly focused her work on team development, team leadership, and facilitator training, and consults to a variety of organizations. She designs and facilitates meetings for both public and private organizations and has conducted numerous management development, workforce diversity, mentoring, and train-the-trainer programs.
  How to Run a Successful Meeting in Half the Time
Milo Frank
  How to Speak So People Will Listen
Ronald Willingham
Book Thumbnail How to Speak to Youth-- and Keep Them Awake at the Same Time
Ken Davis
(192 Pages) This practical, warm hearted guide to public speaking for youth ministers is presented with humor and insight by one of America's most sought-after youth speakers.
Book Thumbnail HR from the heart: inspiring stories and strategies for building the people side of great business
Libby Sartain, Martha I. Finney
(253 Pages) HR From the Heart equips human resources professionals with the tools to create a genuine synergy between their own professional goals and the business objectives of their employers. Sartain is a legend in HR circles, having spent 13 years at Southwest, consistently ranked among the best places to work in America. Her experience shines through, and readers will find she is not only a great motivator and seasoned executive, but also a champion of the HR profession and a wise career counselor.