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  Advising Student Groups and Organizations
Norbert Dunkel
  Affirmative Action on Campus, Number 52, Winter 1990
Joseph Ponterotto
  Alcohol Programs for Higher Education
Dean and Bryan
  Alcohol Programs in Higher Education
James Dean
Book Thumbnail All Together Now!: A Seriously Fun Collection of Interactive Training Games and Activities
Lorraine L. Ukens
(256 Pages) How do you get your participants involved and then hold on to their attention? Lorraine Ukens--a highly regarded author of activity resources -- offers sixty innovative, enjoyable, and effective activities designed to make learning unforgettable. Use these training tools to teach valuable lessons in: Change Communication Conflict management Decision-making Diversity Goal setting Leadership Negotiation Planning Problem solving Team dynamics . . . and more! All the necessary forms and handouts are here, and they are reproducible to facilitate ease of use. Make training experiences interactive--and make learning memorable -- with the help of this must-have treasury of games!
Book Thumbnail And Dignity for All: Unlocking Greatness Through Values-Based Leadership
James E. Despain, Jane Bodman Converse
(198 Pages) A former vice-president of Caterpillar, Inc., relates how he restored profitability and morale at the company's ailing tractor division through leadership values based on trust, honesty, and integrity.
Book Thumbnail Animal Farm
George Orwell
(113 Pages) "Animal Farm" is the most famous by far of all twentieth-century political allegories. Its account of a group of barnyard animals who revolt against their vicious human master, only to submit to a tyranny erected by their own kind, can fairly be said to have become a universal drama. Orwell is one of the very few modern satirists comparable to Jonathan Swift in power, artistry, and moral authority; in animal farm his spare prose and the logic of his dark comedy brilliantly highlight his stark message. Taking as his starting point the betrayed promise of the Russian Revolution, Orwell lays out a vision that, in its bitter wisdom, gives us the clearest understanding we possess of the possible consequences of our social and political acts.
Book Thumbnail Anthem
Ayn Rand
(105 Pages) CHAPTER ONE T is a sin to write this. It is a sin to think words no others think

and to put them down upon a paper no others are to see. ...
Book Thumbnail Assessing conditions to enhance educational effectiveness: the inventory for student engagement and success
George D. Kuh
(95 Pages) Assessing Conditions to Enhance Educational Effectiveness Are you satisfied with your institution's graduation rates? Does your institution adequately challenge and support all students and foster their learning and personal development? A companion volume to Student Success in College—the book that describes the policies, programs, and practices of twenty colleges and universities that have created success-oriented campus cultures and learning environments—this next-step resource will help an institution assess whether these conditions exist. The authors present the Inventory for Student Engagement and Success (ISES), a self-guided framework for conducting a comprehensive, systematic, institutionwide analysis. The process also can be applied to areas within an institution, such as a school or college within a university, an academic or student affairs division, or a department or program. The ISES includes sets of diagnostic queries that focus on the six properties and conditions common to high-performing schools as well as the five clusters of effective educational practices featured on the National Survey of Student Engagement. Suggestions are offered to illustrate how the information generated from the ISES process can be used for various purposes including accreditation self-studies, program reviews, staff development, faculty and governing board retreats, and strategic planning. The Inventory for Student Engagement and Success offers a practical approach for enhancing educational effectiveness and can be used to Focus institutional improvement or strategic planning efforts Inform self-studies for accreditation and program reviews Augment student learning outcomes assessment and related efforts to measure institutional performance
Book Thumbnail Assessing educational outcomes
Peter Ewell, Association for Institutional Research
(128 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Assessments A to Z: a collection of 50 questionnaires, instruments, and inventories
Bonnie E. Burn, Maggi Payment
(233 Pages) Your one-stop assessment resource! Save valuable time and resources with this comprehensive and easy-to-use collection of reproducible assessments. With fifty assessments to choose from, you're sure to find one--and probably more!--that suits your training needs.Topics include: assertiveness * business writing * delegation * facilitation skills * goal setting * mentoring . . . and more! Each assessment includes a brief description, scoring and interpretation, and discussion questions. Either reproduce the assessments as they appear in the book or customize them using the accompanying CD-ROM. All of the assessments are brief, easy to administer, and quick to score! You'll use these assessments time and time again: * To give trainers insight into participants' knowledge base, attitude, self-perception, and course expectations * In one-on-one settings to aid in your coaching efforts * In the performance review process as an evaluative tool "This is a 'must' for a trainer's library--a practical assessment resource!" --Joyce Falk, director, human resources, Point Loma Nazarene University
Book Thumbnail Attitude 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know
John C. Maxwell
(104 Pages) Explains how one's disposition is a key factor in his or her leadership capabilities, identifying the factors that shape a person's attitude while offering advice on how to overcome common obstacles.
Book Thumbnail Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realise Your Potential for Lasting Fulfilment
Martin Seligman
(321 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Authentic happiness: using the new positive psychology to realize your potential for lasting fulfillment
Martin E. P. Seligman
(321 Pages) The author of Learned Optimism argues that happiness can be a learned and cultivated behavior, explaining how every person possesses at least five of twenty-four profiled strengths that can be built on in order to improve a life. Reprint. 50,000 first printing.
Book Thumbnail Authentic Leadership: Rediscovering the Secrets to Creating Lasting Value
Bill George
(240 Pages) In the wake of continuing corporate scandals there have been few, if any, CEOs that have stepped forward as models of "doing things right"—except the former chairman and CEO of Medtronic, Bill George. George has become the unofficial spokesperson for responsible leadership—in business, the media, and academia. In Authentic Leadership Bill George makes the case that we do need new leaders, not just new laws, to bring us out of the current corporate crisis. He persuasively demonstrates that authentic leaders of mission-driven companies will create far greater shareholder value than financially oriented companies. During George's twelve-year leadership at Medtronic, the company's market capitalization soared from $1.1 billion to $460 billion, averaging 35% per year. George candidly recounts many of the toughest challenges he encountered -- from ethical dilemmas and battles with the FDA to his own development as a leader. He shows how to develop the five essential dimensions of authentic leaders—purpose, values, heart, relationships, and self-discipline. Authentic Leadership offers inspiring lessons to all who want to lead with heart and with compassion for those they serve. Bill George helps readers answer vital questions such as: What should I do when my personal values conflict with company business values? How do I make trade-offs between the needs of my customers, my employees, and my company's shareholders? Do I really want to devote my talents to business? Authentic Leadership provides a tested guide for character-based leaders and all those who have a stake in the integrity and success of our corporations.
Book Thumbnail Bad Leadership: What it Is, how it Happens, why it Matters
Barbara Kellerman
(282 Pages) How is Saddam Hussein like Tony Blair? Or Kenneth Lay like Lou Gerstner? Answer: They are, or were, leaders. Many would argue that tyrants, corrupt CEOs, and other abusers of power and authority are not leaders at all--at least not as the word is currently used. But, according to Barbara Kellerman, this assumption is dangerously naive. A provocative departure from conventional thinking, Bad Leadership compels us to see leadership in its entirety. Kellerman argues that the dark side of leadership--from rigidity and callousness to corruption and cruelty--is not an aberration. Rather, bad leadership is as ubiquitous as it is insidious--and so must be more carefully examined and better understood. Drawing on high-profile, contemporary examples--from Mary Meeker to David Koresh, Bill Clinton to Radovan Karadzic, Al Dunlap to Leona Helmsley--Kellerman explores seven primary types of bad leadership and dissects why and how leaders cross the line from good to bad. The book also illuminates the critical role of followers, revealing how they collaborate with, and sometimes even cause, bad leadership. Daring and counterintuitive, Bad Leadership makes clear that we need to face the dark side to become better leaders and followers ourselves. Barbara Kellerman is research director of the Center for Public Leadership and a lecturer in public policy at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.
Book Thumbnail Barnga: A Simulation Game on Cultural Clashes
Sivasailam Thiagarajan
(40 Pages) Barnga is a classic simulation game that focuses on cultural clashes. Players learn how to reconcile differences and become more self-aware in order to avoid miscommunications. This updated anniversary edition features new rules to allow for as few as two players, redesigned handouts, new tournament formats, and an expanded debriefing section.
Book Thumbnail Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
John Bartlett
(1488 Pages) First published in 1855, BARTLETT'S FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS has been completely updated and revised for the seventeenth edition by Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Justin Kaplan. This 17th edition, under Kaplan's splendid direction, contains over 20,000 quotations, representing 2,500 authors, 90 of whom are new to BARTLETT'S. New comers include Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Tony Kushner, Tammy Wynette, Margaret Atwood, Mary Oliver, Maya Angelou, Frank O'Hara, Martin Amis, Kingsley Amis, Mother Teresa, Jacques Cousteau, Rudolph Giuliani, Alfred Hitchcock, L. M. Montgomery, Eric Ambler, Jerry Seinfeld, J.K. Rowling, Katharine Graham, and Emma Goldman. With quotations presented in chronological order, in the famous BARTLETT'S tradition, BARTLETT'S gives the reader a vast panorama of the world, from the ancient Egyptians to the latest movie, from the inspirational and the beautiful to the sardonic and the downright funny.
Book Thumbnail Bass & Stogdill's Handbook of Leadership: Theory, Research, and Managerial Applications
Bernard M. Bass, Ralph Melvin Stogdill
(1182 Pages) Bernard M.Bass has incorporated a decade of new findings on the newest theories and models of leadership; intellectual and interpersonal competence; motivation; the nature of power and Machiavellianism; charismatic and transformational leadership; leadership and women, Hispanics, and Orientals; leadership succession; substitutes; culture; and the role of leadership and organizations in dealing with stress, crisis, and disaster.
Book Thumbnail Becoming a master manager: a competency framework
Robert E. Quinn
(382 Pages) This text takes a unique skills-based approach that is appropriate for management and organizational behavior courses offered at the upper-level undergraduate and MBA levels. This text is built around The Competing Values Framework. This model uses an integration of four "conflicting" management perspectives to display how different theories can be combined to form a more comprehensive foundation in management. Becoming a Master Manager, presents a five-step learning model: assessment, learning, analysis, practice, and application. This five-step learning model helps the reader develop leadership competencies needed in today\'s business world.Supplements: Instructor\'s Manual
Book Thumbnail Becoming a Master Student Concise
Dave Ellis, Dean Mancina, Eldon L. McMurray
(244 Pages) With updated coverage of diversity, money management, and technology, the text is fresh and relevant to today's students.
Book Thumbnail Beginning Your Journey: A Guide for New Professionals in Student Affairs
Marilyn J. Amey, Lori M. Reesor
(233 Pages)
Book Thumbnail Better Together: Restoring the American Community
Robert D. Putnam
(318 Pages) Builds on the hopeful message about civic renewal introduced in Bowling Alone to reveal a dozen places around the country where people are engaging in new forms of social activism and community renewal. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.
Book Thumbnail Beyond Change Management: Advanced Strategies for Today's Transformational Leaders
Dean Anderson, Linda S. Ackerman-Anderson
(236 Pages) To truly transform an organization, say the authors of this groundbreaking book, leaders must first transform their own mindset. Beyond Change Management-the only book specifically about the interaction of leadership style, mindset, and the change process-revolutionizes leaders' approach to transformational change. Shattering the myth that transformation can be managed, this book -- part of the Practicing OD Series -- offers you new directions and ways of thinking and behaving that are essential for successful change. Its unique approach brings organization development (OD) into the mainstream of leaders' approaches to change, expanding and integrating the fields of OD, leadership, change management, and consciousness. You'll also get ready-to-use worksheets, questionnaires, guidelines, and assessment instruments. "Powerful business solutions to the current chaos facing many organizations today. Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson get to the heart of change, the human touch, by using timeless techniques and tools."--Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager and Gung Ho! "The authors combine their keen observations, sharp insights, and open hearts to produce towering works that will stand as lasting contributions to leadership and organization development. . . .[t]hey guide us along a path of personal discovery so that we may have the strength of spirit to risk the creation of more meaningful organizations."--Jim Kouzes, coauthor, The Leadership Challenge and Encouraging the Heart "Two pioneers share their visionary ideas and energy in this wonderfully creative synthesis of all the best current ideas in organizational transformation. A superb resource."--Peter Vaill, professor and holder to the distinguished chair in management education graduate school of business, University of St. Thomas "If you are serious about transforming your organization and willing to consider personal change, you must read this book"--John E. Lobbia, former chairman and CEO, DTE Energy "This book is about mastery of leading the transformational change process written by master of the craft. A serious read for corporate leaders and consultants who consider themselves committed students of the process of organizational change."--Daryl Conner, CEO/president, ODR and author, Managing at the Speed of Change and Leading at the Edge of Chaos The Authors Dean Anderson is the creator of The Leadership Breakthrough Program, which is Being First's hallmark process for changing leadership mindset and transforming culture in corporations. During the late 1970s and 1980s he did groundbreaking work on how to optimize personal performance through personal change, and is currently a through leader in the field of organization transformation. Linda S. Ackerman Anderson spearheaded the development of the most comprehensive change management methodology available on the market today, leading the writing of the Change Process Guidebook for her company, Being First, Inc. She was one of the original creators of the Organization Transformation field, and has spoken about the subject all over the world.
  Beyond Discipline
Lake, Peter
Book Thumbnail Beyond Experience: The Experiential Approach to Cross-cultural Education
Theodore Gochenour
(198 Pages) Divided into three sections, this resource provides a conceptual framework for experiential cross-cultural education, a collection of essays on the practical application of these ideas, and a guide to assessing the impact of the educational experience. (Education/Teaching)
Book Thumbnail Beyond the Chocolate War
Robert Cormier
(278 Pages) Obie tries to overcome the power of Archie Costello, the leader of a secret organization of students at Trinity High School
Book Thumbnail Black holes and baby universes and other essays
Stephen Hawking, Stephen W. Hawking
(172 Pages) Readers worldwide have come to know the work of Stephen Hawling through his phenomenal bestseller, "A Brief History of Time". Now, in his first collection of essays and other pieces - on subjects that range from the warmly personal to the wholly scientific - Stephen Hawking is revealed variously as the scientist, the man, the concerned world citizen, and - as always - the rigorous and imaginative thinker. Whether he is remembering his first experience of nursery school; puncturing the arrogance of those who think science can best be understood only by other scientists and should be left to them; exploring the origins and the future of the universe; or reflecting on the phenomenon of A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking's wit, directness of style and absence of pomp are vital characteristics of all times.
  Born into Brothels

A tribute to the resiliency of childhood and the restorative power of art, BORN INTO BROTHELS is a portrait of several unforgettable children who live in Calcutta's red light district, where there mothers work as prostitutes. Spurred by the kids' facination with her camera, Zana Briski, a New-York-based photographer living in the brothels and documenting life there, decides to teach them photography. As they begin to look at and record their world through new eyes, the kids, who society refused to recognize, awaken for the first time to their own talents and sense of worth. Filmmakers Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski capture the way in which beauty can be found even the seemingly bleakest and most helpless of places, and how art and education can empower children to transform their lives.
Book Thumbnail Building a House for Diversity: How a Fable about a Giraffe & an Elephant Offers New Strategies for Today's Workforce
R. Roosevelt Thomas
(266 Pages) A giraffe and an elephant consider themselves friends. But when the giraffe invites the elephant into his home, disaster strikes. The house has been designed to meet the needs of the tall, slender giraffe. The elephant smashes into doorways and walls trying to maneuver. The giraffe gently suggests aerobics and ballet classes. The elephant is unconvinced. To him, the house is the problem... R. Roosevelt Thomas, one of America's most respected experts on diversity, uses the metaphor of giraffes and elephants - insiders and outsiders - to examine our assumptions about power, influence, affirmative action, and acceptance of "the others." His richly accessible guide will have you thinking about these critical issues in a whole new way. And it will show you how to develop the quantifiable set of skills that are the essence of diversity management.~